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With the growth of the internet, the days where products were once sold in showrooms or shops is now a thing of the past. Online sales or ecommerce is the modern, up to date method where businesses sell products using an online shop or through internet marketing directly to the trade or the end consumer. The internet allows businesses and companies to frequently update their websites, adding services, products/product categories and of course, special offers. EShop Web Design in Leicester, UK can provide custom ecommerce and development services for all of your needs.

Online business and content management

Almost every business would love to sell their products internationally around the globe. You can now do this through an online business or online marketing. Business owners, like you, are now taking control of their websites so they can add products and categories with the click of a button. This is only possible through an ecommerce site. Our specialised cms (content management system) allows you to not only build but also change the content as frequently as you like in your own time.

Website Planning

Once we have discussed and understood what your website design requirements are, we deliver all the information to the ecommerce website designer and developer about your ideas such as logos, functionality colour and your business profile.

After receiving this information our designers will design two mock up websites for you to look at. The idea of these mock ups is to ensure that you get exactly what you want and nothing less. If you don't like them or want to change them, its back to the drawing board and we will redesign taking into consideration your website design changes free of charge. This "see and design" process allows you to change colours and font types and experiment with you web design until you are happy to move to the next stage.

Website Development

When we initially discuss your website needs, you might not be quite sure what you want your site to do. With eshop webdesign we try to future proof your site by using the most upto date coding but also giving you the functionality to buy bolt ons to improve your site once you start increasing the size of you business. For example when you start out you may not want to add a blog to your site but as your company grows you may decide that you need to inform your customer in your new products. A good way to do this is to add a blog to keep you site fresh and exciting.

We do as much or as little as you want us to. We believe that no one knows your business as well as you but we are here to advise you to make the most of your business and fill in the gaps to support you so as you get bigger so do we.

Ecommerce features available

We can provide the following features in our ecommerce system:

  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Orders section - paid, attempted and shipped
  • Zone based shipping
  • CMS pages
  • Payment gateways - PayPal, SagePay, WorldPay, Google Checkout, any banking group
  • Customer list
  • Configuration setting to update vat, website addresses, meta tags
  • SEO based website pages that include CMS
  • News/information letters
  • Easy search engine friendly design
  • Multiple currency choices
  • Sitemaps

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