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  What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the modern cheap way of getting your business or product ideas through to a highly targeted customer base that you have either built up over time or can purchase. It’s the system of creating a flyer or email that is brightly coloured and branded for your business and sending it.

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How do I get peoples emails or where do I send my e-mails?

It’s simple really , one way is to create a form on your website that potential customers can fill in or you can harvest peoples email addresses (with their permission) when they email your company. I.e. thank you for your recent enquiry would you like to receive our newsletters’ or offers Tick here..

Another easy way is to ask them just get your sales staff to explain that you have some great offers that you wouldn’t want them to miss out on and can we email you when we have sorted the offers out. You can also buy mailing lists from specialist companies for instance if you sell boilers you can ask for all the plumbing companies, plumbers in Leicester however you may want to include builders as they also buy boilers.

Why don’t I just do this myself ?

The key to this is getting the customer to open these emails. At eshop web design we have experience in getting high open rates. Also if you send out say 500 emails in a day there is a good chance that Google will think you are a spammer and block your website and emails.
At eshop web design we use mailing clients that are approved by the search engines and have accounts that are pre-populated with purchased email credits. This means we buy emails and email space in advance and pass the savings onto you. And as the emails are coming from a third party there is no chance of you getting black list.

What if people don’t want my e-mails?

It’s easy all our mails as well as carrying your details have an unsubscribe button that removes the customer from the mailing list so you never have to bother controlling the list size.

Content Writing

If you are too busy or just dont know what to write we offer a full content writing service. We can come and visit your company and get of feel of what you are about and what the message is you are trying to convey. If you want to keep costs down or have a lot of the content done as you have brochures and company literature already just send this to us and we will lift it onto your new site no problem. If you then want to edit it once you have seen it or tweak it a bit that’s fine.


Is available request and is dependent on how much work we need to do? Don’t worry it’s all very reasonable and can be done for the fraction of the cost of conventional direct posted mail.