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1. What is a website and how can it benefit my business ?

Imagine a website is like an online brochure for you company. It can give information about your products and services quickly and efficiently. Now multiply this by 1000 and your are somewhere near. It’s your shop window to the world. You can sell products online 24/7 and all over the world. You can market your business in ways that you could only dream about, you can show videos, images and text and then deliver the whole package onto your customers lap with the click of a mouse. Why spend money on expensive telephone directories when you can have a website.

2. What is domain hosting and how can I get it ?

A domain is what you call yourself for instance is our domain name. You can make this name up, and the best domain names always have your business or service that you offer in it for instance sell composite doors. Webhosting is the space that you load your website onto so that it is seen 24/7. You effectively rent some space on a computer that is always on and looked after by a company that employs people to keep your website on all the time. What use is website that no one sees?

3. How much does a website cost ?

This depends on what you want the website to do and how many pages you require our basic sites can start from as little as £299

4. How can I increase my sales through a website in the UK?

You can increase you sales by using your website to advertise your business. The trick is to first get picked up by the search engines i.e. Google. Then you have to make sure that your website is built for people and not by a designer that makes it look pretty but forgets all the functionality. We have one rule at always ask yourself “what do I want the customer to do when they visit my site”. If you keep this in mind you will never go far wrong. All you have to do once you have sorted what you want the person to do when they get to your site is then get them there. This can be done by seo (see below). You can also use your site to email potential customers and use cost per click advertising to promote your company service or products.

5. What’s internet marketing?

Internet marketing is the internet term for advertising on the internet. There are numerous ways to do this ...

Email marketing-The process of capturing potential customers’ email addresses or buying lists from reputable companies and then emailing them directly with your services. Ie if you make boilers buy a list of plumbers for the local area send 10 emails Monday and then follow up the email with a call so you have something to talk about. Cost per click marketing- You create a small advert on a search engine such as Google and then advertise your offer for people to click and go to your site. Google ad words is one such package. Be careful you need to know what you are doing or you can lose your shirt learning what to do. We can advise you.

6. What’s SEO ?

Seo (search engine optimisation) is making sure that when people “Google” your company they find you but better than that, you show up for keyword searches for your industry. I.e. if you are a shoe shop in Leicester, when someone goes to a search engine and puts in shoes Leicester your site is on the first page. But remember what you think they search for people they often don’t they may type children’s wellingtons and you need to be on the first page for that as well if it’s a highly searched term.

7. Can I make changes to my website ?

In a word yes, if you buy one of our cms websites (content management systems) we can give you varying levels of access. For instance if you want to update products and descriptions but are afraid of breaking the site we can give you a simple page editor that only lets you do this.

8. What’s the difference between static and dynamic website?

Static websites are generally simple and functional and give information and are usually updated by your web designer. Dynamic websites tend to be larger and have a lot more going on such as forms or contact us , new letters etc etc.

9. What the payment gateway?

The best known payment gateway is PayPal. This is how people can buy products straight from you 24/7 but be aware they do charge for this facility usually around 3.5% of sale. We also use other payment gateways that offer the same service but are a lot cheaper just contact us for information.

10 .How do I get to the on the frontpage of Google or Bing in the Uk search engines ?

You need to employ some serious seo tactics and quite a lot of hard work. There is no simple solution. The search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and so no one knows the true answers however the search engines do give you a lot of pointers. At eshop web design we have our own system to do this and if you give us a ring we will show you what we do works. However it takes time and is not a two minute fix.

11. What is content management system?

A cms or content management system is a bit like a control panel to create your website. It looks a bit like a Microsoft word document and is you need the about the same level of skill to operate it. The difference is rather than say creating a letter your logo on and your address you are creating a web page. So if you bring out a new widget, rather than paying for the page to be created and waiting for your web designer DO IT YOURSELF.

12. Do you provide live help or support for clients?

Yes we are always around and can help. We don’t charge for every piece of advice or work we try to work with you as we believe that as you grow so do we. If we don’t do it or won’t offer a service we will tell you and advise you why. Come on and give is a go. SERVICES ADDITIONAL PAGES CLIENT SERVICES

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