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Improve Your Google Page speed and Ranking

Eshop Web Design is a company based in Leicester, UK .

Page Speed

Your website contains lots of pages which are optimized using CSS and javascript. Have you checked you website page speed into Mobile and Desktop ? If not then check here

If you have Red mark below 60% in speed test then you need urgently to optimize the page to get good rank into organic google search result. We can help you grow your website page speed quickly and efficiently without wasting your money testing or trying ideas. With our technical skills we can give you the website page speed you want and with our business skills we can advise you on how to best to make money from it or increase your business profile.

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS

We have designed our website system to work and grow with your business. We eleminate the render blocking of javascript and CSS issue which create the website speed slow. We compress the javascript and css so that page will loads fast into mobile and desktop

We can advise you and grow your business using techniques and services that work and are tried and tested not just theory. Our improve page speed packages are reasonably priced and you get result on time. Our web design process is simple and straight forward no gobble-de-gook, we ask you about sites you like and sites you don’t. Colours you like and colours you don’t, and then we want you to tell us about your business and what you are trying to achieve with the site (increase sales, increase awareness, offer a service) ,you get the idea. The only input we need from you is the content as no one knows your business like you.

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Leverage browser caching

We use the technique so that your code which require frequently will store into cache to reduce the bandwidth and optimize the speed of website.

Page Speed Improvement Package

Red to Yellow : Charges £30
Yellow to Green : Charges £50

Page Speed Result Example :

page speed result