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What is Seo?

Or search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the search engines via the natural (organic) or unpaid search results.
In general, the higher you rank for a specific search term (keyword), and the more frequently your site appears in the search results, the more visitors your site will receive from the search engines users.
Seo can target many different types of search including video and image search however the main one is a keyword specific search and/or a local search.
Think about it when you use Google what term do you put in for something; do you ever go past the first page? Probably not. If you were looking for a plumber would you enter plumber or plumber Leicester? You may be surprised but some search terms are not what you think and these are classified as long tail terms such as “fix a leaking tap” or broken tap repair.

How can we help? The traffic light SEO System Explained.

At eshop webdesign we understand that when starting a business or setting out on climbing the natural listings we need to get basic so we have devised a simple three tier system.

Red Level One

We do a competitor analysis of the keywords that you want to rank for and compare your site to the top ten for each term. We will advise you on these keyword terms if you are unsure based on the factual traffic for keyword terms for your industry.

We then run a base line report for each term to tell you where you currently are in the big three search engines and your alexa ranking (global position in the world).

Now we start to raise the awareness of your site. We do this by a number of techniques including changing background page information, submitting your website to sites and directories. In the first three months we submit to over 50 directories just to get you started.

We also look at your site as through the eyes of a search engine spider robot (these are the things that check your site out) and make their job as easy as possible by the creation of text files sitemaps.

We also optimise your home page to try and pull in as much traffic as we can using keyword rich content.At the end of each month you get a report explaining what’s happened and what improvements we have made to rankings so you can see what you are getting for your money.

Amber Level Two

Once you have completed the level one SEO and we are happy that your website has had the foundations and all of the basic SEO building blocks are put into place, we will then move you up to our amber level two of the SEO system.

At this level we continue to build on the level one system that’s already in place. We increase the number of keywords from 3 to 5. This allows us to increase your sites visibility and increase the amount of internet traffic that your site is exposed to. We also then tune your current terms and new keyword terms to include the meta tags (title & description) and continue your page optimization for the researched key terms.

To support the keyword research done in level one we now create optimized keyword rich content pages that will give your website laser guided keyword accuracy to make sure that you are dominating the major search engines in relation to your competitors. You also have the option to purchase further key word phrase pages if there are industry specific technical terms or products that you would like to rank for.

We believe at EShop Web Design that you need to know what you’re getting what you’re paying for without the smoke and mirrors that other SEO companies offer.

EGreen level Three

You have now been given the green light to go and your website is sat waiting for the green light to get more and more internet traffic. At this final level we are really tuning your site to get the top of the search engines. We know it won’t be easy as the search engines only reward the hard work that you put in with good quality keyword rich content that is unique to your website. We also add a few ideas of our own that will lift above your competition and on and into the top ten places in your local market and in time the national market.

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