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What is Website hosting ?

Website hosting is the place that you put your website for all the world to see. If we are making your website and testing in local pc then its only accessible to you and us. Once you are ready we can launch it onto the world wide web.

At eshop web design we can host your site and look after it for you. Or can upload it to your preferred host. However you then need to look after it and make sure its properly monitored. With our hosting provider we can allow you access from all over the world using cPanel 24/7 and with our most popular package , the cms Panel control ,we can provide you lots of functionality to change your website on the server.

Below are the different types of hosting however if you decide to let us take care of your site then you needn't worry about any of this. We monitor you website 24/7 to make sure you are trading. Our technical support team are emailed if there are any security issues or changes to your site. This is all so we can provide your business with a seamless service that you don't think about.

Ask yourself what's the point of paying for a website that no-one sees ?

Types Of Hosting

There are different types of hosting are available on the internet. If you wish to run single static website and only contains 10-15 page then you should go with shared hosting with minimum space and price.Our cloud web hosting price start from £8 monthly for 1GB space for website. If your website is large and has a requirement of database for products and brochure downloads and privacy is necessary then you should go for a VPS or Dedicated Server which are more expensive and need a bit more technical knowledge to manage. There are two type of servers are available in the market one is Linux based and other is Window based. A Linux based server is cheaper than a windows based one due to the set up. Watch out when choosing a hosting company as some hosting companies provide different types of services free and charge for others ,like Blog Hosting and Forum hosting. Again we can advise you on this.

But to make things easy so you can set up emails etc we give you your own control panel.

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UK Fast Cloud Hosting £8 per month only

Backup Facility

We offer a full back up facility. And in the event of loss or damage to your site can get you backed up and running in a few hours depending on the size of your site. We back up your site on a local pc and within the server so we have two points of saved contact.

FTP, Email, Database and Programming Features

Yet eshop web design we can take care of all your internet needs. We can set and manage your emails for you for very little cost and we can also do things like if you go away send a message to the person that emailed you explaining you are on holiday and then forward the mail to a colleague or another address that you can reach.

We can also if you wish give you full functionality of the website so you are not tied in with anyone and are totally self sufficient. This is a good option for experienced programmers only. You can use Filezilla and cuteftp software to manage your files. Also in hosting control panel you can check the number of databases available so you can can and modify them according to you needs. If its dynamic website then you will need to confirm the programming language installed like ASP.NET, PHP, Coldfusion, JSP etc.

Hosting Company Support

We are there 24/7 in Leicester, UK and will probably be sorting or have sorted the problem before you ring. Within all our sites we offer technical support email but still can copy you in as we believe no knows your business as well as you.

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