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Looking to a start a new website from scratch or to revive an existing website in leicester? Look no further than Eshop Web Design in Leicester, UK. We feel that your website should represent your company in the most unique and imaginative way to make you stand out from the crowd, through using the most advance web designing technology to date.

With the internet growing and the number of websites on the internet growing every year we promise to design your website to tailor your exact specifications and needs and will be completed on time, to the highest standards.

The process of web design is fairly quick and simple with no messing about. Our team will ask you a variety of questions about website design, ones you like and ones you don't. We also ask about more personal things such as the layout of the site or the colours that you are aiming for. Then it's your turn. You tell us about your business and how you want your website to be designed and what you would like it to achieve.

At Eshop web design we have vast amounts of experience and knowledge to ensure that the designs you propose are replicated. Our teams of highly skilled developers in Leicester, UK will then build your website quickly and efficiently without testing new ideas or most importantly, wasting your money.

We have currently built over 600 different websites from every area of business. The skills our developers have in web designing are second to none and with their web designing skills they can give you the website that you want.

Eshop Web Design offers a variety of websites that can be designed to your exact needs and specifications at a fair, competitive price.

Type of website we offer with price :

Brochure website -

Normally advertising a business or service. Typically between 3-6 pages. Prices starting from £249

CMS (Content management System) Website -

Could include a blog, media, social aspects. Through CMS you have full control on formatting the content of website design. Usually between 10-15 pages. Prices starting from £349

E-Commerce website -

A website that can sell a variety of products, normally around 10 pages. Contains the may E-commerce essentials. Cost varies on the amount of products and functionality on the site. Prices starting from £999

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